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RechargeZone IV’s special IV hydration treatment products offer a wide variety of options to get a quick shot of vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and fluids that help boost energy levels and improve health. IV hydration therapy is a more efficient method of delivering nutrients than taking them the traditional way. We are conveniently located in San Antonio to provide a unique intravenous solution developed specifically for your health concerns. Experience one-of-a-kind IV drips and combination therapies that will help you make you feel your best and have more energy than you can achieve through diet alone.

Improve Immune Health

The digestive system metabolizes supplements that are consumed orally, it reduces the number of nutrients, vitamins, and medication that reach the bloodstream. Besides speeding up the effectiveness of treatment, IV therapy ensures 100% absorption for optimal use and minimal waste. Because IV therapy delivers medications and vitamins directly to the cells that need them, it can improve and impact a wide variety of body functions. IV therapy provides your body with the vitamins and nutrients it needs to improve immune health. While the number of vitamins and nutrients required for normal function varies from one person to the next, a busy routine or an unconventional lifestyle can prevent you from meeting your daily intake requirements. Taking multivitamins does not help much either because some of the nutrients are lost during the metabolic process. People with impaired absorption find it challenging to convert nutrients into usable energy for cells effectively.

Fight Allergies & More

Questions about allergies, asthma, and primary immunodeficiency disease? Consult with our licensed Internal Medicine Specialist for IV therapy regimens about our specialized treatment plans. Our treatment plans cover a wide variety of ailments such as anxiety, depression, combat fatigue, cognitive dysfunction, migraines, asthma, allergies, wound healing, fibromyalgia, and many more. Begin to feel your best again. Our staff are trained nurses, EMT’s and paramedics and may have answers to questions you may have or concerns about your condition. We are centrally located in San Antonio and have onsite lab testing facilities to address your needs. Our lab tests are developed to identify vitamins deficiencies so that we can build the right infusion plan to fit your individual needs.

We are known throughout San Antonio as the place for athletes of all kinds who seek to get relief through IV therapy to soothe muscle cramps and soreness and to improve overall muscle tone and strength. Our IV hydration plans will help give you the boost in health and vigor that you have been searching for. We offer competitive pricing plans to fit any budget. We know you will be happy with the excellent service we provide in a clean, spa-like environment. Our treatments are 100% safe.

Come by for a visit at our Stone Oak location here in San Antonio or call 210-647-6423 for more information or to schedule a quick visit and enjoy our excellent treatment plans. We have rolling discounts all the time. So don’t hesitate to take advantage of our customized IV treatment solutions today. Start enjoying your life to the fullest!

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