“IV hydration therapy is the most direct way to treat dehydration from a hangover, illness or air travel. Whether you got carried away at a celebration and need a fast hangover cure or suffer from digestive problems, IV hydration treatments make sure your body is primed to recover from the harmful effects of dehydration as quickly as possible. Don’t let a hangover ruin your day or weekend! Our Hangover Rescue IV treatment provides relief from painful symptoms of dehydration in just 30 minutes!”Thet Aung, M.D./CEO

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Recharge Zone

Dr. Aung is an experienced medical doctor with 12 years of practice in general Internal Medicine. He is double board certified in Internal Medicine and Geriatrics Medicine. He is currently licensed to practice in Texas as well as in the state of New Hampshire. Dr. Aung has had extensive hospital medicine and intensive care experience for the first 7 years of his career but lately has devoted himself to primary care and preventative medicine in taking care of complex medical issues in elderly patients.

Given his background growing up in the Far East and exposure to tropical medicine he is open to concepts of holistic and alternative medicine as well. He is uniquely capable of helping patients and clients not responding to the traditional methodology used in allopathic Western medicine. He understands the frustration of many patients who suffers from thyroid disease especially and is able to explore options for them when they do not respond to plain standard synthetic levothyroxine. His treatment packages designed for Recharge Zone help clients who suffer from chronic fatigue, insomnia, Hashimoto disease, fibromyalgia, problem concentrating, Depression, Chronic dizzy spells, Nausea, vertigo and severe migraines.

Dr. Aung is an active fellow of the American College of Physician and American Heart association. He also belongs to the Bexar county medical association. He lives in North San Antonio with his wife and 2 daughters. His passion is in developing a free market style Healthcare for all and a universal portable electronic medical record system. In his free time, he enjoys shooting sports, Brazilian Jujitsu and hiking.


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Recharge Zone can best be described as a Direct-to-consumer Healthcare delivery system. It aims to remove interference from Third-party payment systems. The safety and privacy of the clients will be fully respected as they have always been meant to be at Recharge Zone.

Recharge Zone was founded in the fall of 2016 by Dr. Thet Aung, a trained Internal Medicine specialist specializing in Geriatrics Medicine. He has been in practice since 2006, taking care of adult patients of all ages in acute settings in hospitals and ambulatory settings as a primary care physician. Over his career, he has found that medicine has become increasingly more costly and less rewarding as health insurance manages people’s health. This has resulted from a gradual but rapidly accelerating erosion of the physician-patient relationship caused by shifting the balance of power onto regulatory agencies and third-party insurance companies.
Until now, there has never been a viable solution that aids in recovering patients’ autonomy.