Recharge Zone

Unsurprisingly, the American diet does not provide all the vital essential nutrients that should come from a healthy meal, but did you know that your body does not produce all vitamins? The vitamin industry has stepped in to help, “The global vitamin supplements market size was estimated at USD 48.51 billion in 2022,” and growing, according to Grand View Research. Leaving one to wonder how effective are oral vitamins.

The bioavailability of oral supplements occurs after they have been broken down in the digestive system before they are delivered into the blood system. Even when you are the picture of health, you still need to maximize the absorption of those oral vitamins. This is where Recharge Zone comes in.

At Recharge Zone, we deliver those vitamins and minerals directly into your bloodstream, making these vitamins immediately accessible to your body. You also get the added benefit of immediate hydration.

Whether you are depleted of nutrients or hydration, running low on your immunity, or need to feel better faster, Recharge Zone is here to recharge you.

Recharge Zone was founded in the fall of 2016. For nine years, it has led the IV Vitamin Infusion industry in San Antonio, TX.
With carefully curated vitamins and minerals, Recharge Zone aims to educate people about nutrition and promote wellness as preventive and complementary health care.
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Medical Director

Dr. Michael Glassinger

Dr. Michael Glassinger has over 20 years of experience as an emergency medicine specialist. Recharge Zone is happy to have him.
A graduate of Lousiana State University, Go Tigers, Dr. Glassinger is now a San Antonian.
His hospital affiliations are noteworthy. Christus Santa Rosa, Methodist Hospital, and South Texas Regional Center.
He is licensed and board-certified in Texas.