IV Therapy starts by infusing a one-liter bag of sterile solutions containing electrolytes with or without medications or vitamins and infusing by gravity over time.

IV administration of nutrients can achieve blood concentrations not obtainable with drinking fluids, ingesting pills, or even intramuscular (IM) administration.

IV Therapy may be more effective for correcting nutrient deficits inside cells, where they are needed. In certain disease states, the capacity of nutrients to get in and stay inside the cells may get diminished.

IV administration helps get those nutrients inside the cells. If cells are repeatedly “flooded” with nutrients, the improvement may be cumulative in their ability to heal and improve their illness/condition.

There may be an initial pinch felt, however on average an IV is finished being inserted in less than a few seconds.

Our needle size of choice is a 22g catheter which is commonly used on children in hospitals and ambulances.

We do this to minimize any possible pain and make it as painless as possible.

Anyone who is,

  • Dehydrated
    Has digestive issues
    Undergoing Chemotherapy
    Experiencing acute fluid loss (Vomiting & Diarrhea)
  • An Athlete
    Or has been recently ill

Trying to boost their immune systemIV Hydration Therapy is beneficial for everyone whether it is to correct a deficiency/ailment or to take a healthy lifestyle to the next level.

It can be obvious with dry mouth, dizziness, drop in urine frequency/volume, and dark urine may have odor.

These following symptoms may also be a sign of dehydration:

Low Grade Fever
Sweating may Stop
Muscle Aches/Cramps
Heart Palpitations/Rapid Heart Beat
Lightheadedness (Especially when standing)
Impaired Memory/Concentration
Cracked Lips/Hands

You can book online right on our website by clicking on the package that interests you or call our office at (210-647-6423) so our staff can work you in for an appointment.

Walk-ins are welcomed during business hours however appointments will take priority. Wait time may vary and can be up to or over an hour without an appointment.Mobile therapy will be scheduled through our Infusion Nurse. Mobile appointment availability is based on our Infusion nurse’s availability.

We cannot guarantee availability on specific times or days without an appointment at this time. Mobile pricing is listed on the mobile page of the website. Our infusion nurse is responding only within the city limits ofSan Antonio.

We can arrange mobile treatment outside of the city however it will require a consultation for an individualized price quote.

Currently we do not accept any forms of insurance. However, clients have been able to use health savings cards when paying for treatments. It has not always worked and depends on the insurance carrier.

All packages are grouped into categories online based on symptoms. There are also brief descriptions paired with each packaged when looking through infusion types.

If there is any uncertainty please feel free to call the office at (210-647-6423) and consult with any of our well qualified staff for treatment options.

Our staff can always consult with our Medical Director Dr. Thet Aung if there are any questions not able to be immediately answered during the initial consult.

You do not need to consult with an outside physician in order to receive any treatment from Recharge Zone. There is no need for a prescription before getting any infusions.

Our facility is physician owned and our staff have protocols in place in order to manage any infusions and medications we have to offer.

We have highly qualified staff with minimum two years IV experience as a job requirement prior to applying.

Although it is a rare occurrence typically due to an advanced disease process if an IV is unable to be established there will be no charge for your infusion.

Recharge Zone IV offers private pay lab services. You do not need a physicians order to get lab services from us as we can provide a physician order on site.

You have the option of choosing what labs you would like to have drawn specifically, or pick from any of our advertised lab panels.

If you would like a physician consultation for your lab results we would be happy to schedule one for $50 following your lab draw appointment.

Tired of the standard healthcare treatment? Recharge Zone is offering personalized physician services.

What’s the difference you may ask? Well when receiving concierge physician services you are directly paying the physician for services rendered this creates a classic approach giving more individualized healthcare.

Our healthcare practice delivers tailored medicine directly to you based on your needs. This starts by signing up as a new patient which includes:

Filing all new patient paperwork
Drawing labs

In person interview with physician going over any and all medical questionsAfter this process you pay a monthly membership price of $50 and have access to our physician via call, text, or video chat for medical consultation.

This means you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your home for a doctors visits!

We pride ourselves on a no nonsense approach with no hidden
fees or tricks. For more information please feel free to call our office at 210-647-6423.

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