• Myers Cocktail

    Myers cocktail: Infusion time one hour and fifteen minutes

    The Myer’s Cocktail is a well-known rehydration formula used for the last 40 years or more. It comes with a multitude of benefits including replenishing deficient electrolytes and vitamins for wellness as well as added benefits of relaxation and reducing blood pressure.

    This is beneficial for maintaining a sense of well-being and increased energy levels which is recommended to be infused every few weeks. When looking for cold or flu relief this infusion works great when paired with dexamethasone. This infusion also contains the highest doses of essential vitamins on our menu.

    From: $165.00

    Myers Cocktail

    From: $165.00
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    Vitafusion: Infusion time forty-five minutes to an hour

    VitaFusion was designed to be simple and versatile in treating multiple conditions and to prevent diseases from ever becoming problematic. It contains the perfect balance of IV vitamin C, Vitamin B-complex and IV Vitamin B-12. It will stay in your body for days replenishing the store of vitamins critical for good health.

    VitaFusion differs from other similar IV hydration products with our patented balance of nutrients and healthy fluids needed for a healthy outcome. This slow infusion ensures that vitamins are not restricted to the blood plasma space and gets eliminated too quickly through normal filtration process as wastage!”

    Vitamin C is not easily absorbed in the body. It is used up in the process of healing and tissue growth or when fighting infections. Vitamin B-complex and B-12 are critical for daily intracellular metabolic processes and helps with fighting fatigue and maintaining healthy blood, nerve and brain functions.

    When you choose VitaFusion you are guaranteed to get every ounce of essential vitamins thanks to the intravenous route of administration and the patented process we use at Recharge Zone. Choose one of our special Prevention, Rescue, and Recovery blends of VitaFusion designed for a healthy body and immune system.





    From: $135.00


    From: $135.00

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